Welcome to our ranch!  We are a third generation, family-owned ranch. We strive hard to deliver a great product, and in doing so, we try to keep the rangeland and the environment in check by practicing good management skills so that we leave it better for the next generation. We bring you beef that is free of growth stimulants, hormones, animal by-products and feed antibiotics.


Lazy C Beef provides some of the best beef there is – we provide beef to fill all appetites, from grass raised and finished beef to our grass raised and grain finished beef.  We do this to cater to all our customers because, just as not all cattle are alike, so it is with people – each and every one of us has different likes and tastes.T-bone dinner  Our steers are grazed naturally on our ranch, feeding on some of the best high altitude grasses and legumes with natural spring and free flowing creek water, along with free choice trace minerals and lots of sunshine.  Our beef is processed in a USDA-inspected facility and cut and wrapped by small-scale butchers that take pride in their profession.  Our beef is then delivered directly to you at different times throughout the year at pre-arranged drop off locations.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to take a tour of our operations and learn more about what Lazy C Beef is all about.  Enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact us any time.