How it Works

Like all fresh, seasonal foods Lazy C Beef is also a seasonal product.  We take orders all year long, and fill our orders until our supplies run out.  Here at Lazy C Beef, we sell only the best grass fed and finished beef.  All our cattle are grass feed and finished raised naturally on grass as nature would intend.

What is Included

When buying our beef in halves, whole or split halves it is sold by the carcass hanging weight (the weight after slaughter as it hangs at the butcher shop and before cutting).  All weights will vary from one animal to another and for that reason we only do a deposit for the order until the final sale.  After processing we will know what the true weight is and be able to make the final sale amount.  Many of our customers will order a whole or half portion, and split it with family or friends, for a better value.  We sell all our beef directly to the consumer for greater savings to you.

Natural Grass Fed and Finished

Our packages start with a split half which ranges between (150-175lbs).  You can also order a half package (300-325lbs.) or a whole package (600-650lbs).  Special cutting instructions are available when purchasing whole or halves only.  Internal organs (heart, liver etc. or tongue and bones) can be ordered also during checkout as extras.

Butchering and Packaging

Beef on butcher paperWe use a local butcher that is a USDA inspected facility and has been in business for many years.  They work hard to deliver to the customer every pound of the meat that is purchased, and do a great job of trimming what is necessary and giving the customer the greatest amount of meat possible.  There are never any additives, fillers or colors to enhance the meat, it is always 100% natrual.  All meat sold in large quantities is double wrapped first in plastic and then in lined butcher paper (unless special ordered in vacuumed packages at an addition cost). Our other individual cuts are vacuum packaged.

Getting Your Meat

Our meat is delivered frozen with the cut labeled on each package.  Our meat stores very well in a very cold freezer, and can be preserved for a year or more.

We will deliver large orders (split half and larger) directly to your home or a chosen location within 90 miles.  After your order is placed we will arrange a pick-up location if you live outside our delivery area. We will try our best to set a date and time that best suits your schedule.  Please try to contact us at least 24 hours in advance if the date and time will not work for delivery.

Because of the complicated logistics of slaughter, packaging and delivery of our meat, we ask for a $300 non-refundable deposit to insure that you will pick up your order on the date and time that you have chosen. The balance to be paid at the time of delivery.

All our individual cuts that you place orders for will be shipped to you either USPS or a local carrier, in an insulated shipping container frozen and packed with dry ice, to insure it arrives frozen and in good condition. All these orders will be shipped the Monday following your order to insure delivery before the weekend.  When holidays fall on a Monday your order may be shipped on Tuesday or the following Monday. When shipping may be delayed due to the Thanksgiving through New Years holidays orders most likely will be delayed until after this time to ensure your order arrives as it should.

All individual orders will be paid for at the time of ordering before shipping.

How to Order

We accept orders all year long, but keep in mind that we have a seasonal product and the orders will be filled as some as the product is available.  We recommend that you place your order for large quantities early to insure that you get the package, delivery date and time that you prefer.

When you place an order the non-refundable deposit  (payable online) is required to confirm and reserve your order.  The final price is determined by the final weight of the cut and is due upon delivery (money order, cash or online).   If you would like to place an order please fill out our online order form.

Refunds and exchanges

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control or your control, and sometimes customers have to cancel an order.  We would ask that you please contact us in a timely manner if there needs be a change made and we will try our best to accommodate the situation.  We also expect the same from you, if we have an unavoidable problem arise with your order. Orders that are to be shipped can not be canceled once the order is made, but if the order upon delivery is not to your liking, a new order will be shipped and the money returned to you, when the original order has been returned to us.

On a rare occasion if a customer is unhappy  with the way the product is cut or wrapped we will do our best as to replace/exchange it in a timely manner.  We do ask that you return the meat to us at our headquarters in Centerfield for the exchange or refund.  Meat is a natural product and between us at Lazy C Beef and our butcher, we try very hard to deliver a great product.  However, sometimes unforeseen things arise – we promise to do our very best to ensure your satisfaction in these situations.  We aim to please you, the customer, and want to have you be one of our many return customers.  We believe that the customer is first and foremost in our business.